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Welcome to the World of Microwaves!

This is my first post and I want to tell you something about myself and what I want to accomplish with this blog. To begin, I am a microwave scientist – I’ve been microwaving since 1961 when I saw a microwave oven for the first time. I was a young researcher in the laboratory of a food processing company and what I thought was a refrigerator (all chrome and the size of a refrigerator) turned out to be a microwave oven weighing about 650 lbs – it had two 800 watt water-cooled magnetrons. I flipped over seeing what it could do and after fooling around with it for 10 or 15 minutes, I ran an experiment that was the basis of my first patent, and made my company a leader in industrial microwave processing systems, and I was hooked for life. Among other things:

  • I have 28 US patents of which 26 are microwave related
  • I’ve been teaching courses on microwave science and technology for 40 years
  • I have lots of scientific & technical publications, many in peer-reviewed journals
  • I’ve been an independent consultant for over 40 years during which time I’ve had well over 150 clients
  • I’ve been president of the leading scientific microwave society for 13 years

There’s lots more, but I think I’ve said enough for you to realize that I have pretty good credentials in this field. But my objective is to bring truth and fact to this area to counter the enormous amount of misinformation on the Web about microwave ovens, microwave foods, and all things microwave. Microwave ovens are perfectly safe; eating microwave foods is safe – it doesn’t cause cancer; it has at least as many nutrients as any other cooking method. The Web is filled with comments that keep recycling the same wrong information and it keeps coming back over and over. Sure, there are problems that can arise with microwave oven use and I’ll write about those as well, but generally they are a great appliance and have done of good things in terms of convenience.

Bare with me – we’ll talk about all of it.